Artists work within the confines of physical or psychological structures which define their own borders/ boundaries. How do they create work in and out of those boundaries? This group exhibition features a wide selection of works by gallery artists and it investigates the borderlines that artists place on themselves (medium, concept, theory, process, etc). For some of the artists in the exhibition, BORDERLINES represents a point of departure into a new artistic direction. In that sense, they have chosen to move across their known territory and engage in the process of discovering an alternative path. Yet, for other artists, the exhibition's theme becomes a symbolical or psychological connection to a specific work of art. In both cases, the works selected for the exhibition invite the viewer into a dialog about our very own physical or psychological borderlines. The exhibition was curated by Sergio Gomez and celebrates the tenth year anniversary since the gallery first opened its doors as 33 Collective Gallery a decade ago.

Opening: Friday, October 17, 2014

7 pm to 10 pm
33 Contemporary Gallery Showroom, Lower Level

German artist Petronilla Hohenwarter is a dedicated contemporary artist who has worked in the mediums of painting, drawing and digital work to communicate her view of the true Self to a global Community. Her work is highly energized, and is seen as a contemporary witness, it confirms – don’t think ~ just feel …

“Petronilla Hohenwarter’s work expresses a visual global language communicating strength, love, trust, loyalty, aliveness, awareness, energy, clarity, and vision. Values each one of us has within, and without. Her work is said to break down barriers. Some people call these barriers religions, philosophies, cultures or countries. Her work’s journey is to express the truth and authenticity each of us, as human beings possess. The colorful, emotional and pioneering ‘visual door openers’ found by studying Petronilla’s weighty catalogue of work lead us on an delightful expedition into our collective souls. Her pictures are abstract only on first sight. The essential reveals itself the longer I watch them, the deeper I allow myself to be drawn inside. And then they appear: the beings and faces, as if they would have crept in, emerging out of the depth, in order to appear on the surface through structures and colors.” ––Wiebke Nimmer, Cologne

Petronilla Hohenwarter’s residency at 33 Contemporary Gallery will culminate with a solo exhibition featuring the works created during her stay in Chicago. The solo project reflects Chicago Artists Month’s theme of Crossing Borders. This is the first time that Petronilla’s series LOVE and QUO VADIS are showing together in one venue. These two series portray a philosophical statement which embraces the moment, the here and now, without limitations. LOVE encourages the viewers to stop and reflect upon the real meaning of this word. It gives the viewer the momentum of freedom. QUO VADIS reflects on our society and its focus on consumption rather than meeting the spiritual needs of one’s self and others. It encourages its viewers to access their own perceptions of the world and reclaim their integrity. The exhibition will take place at 33 Contemporary Gallery’s located in the lower level of the Zhou B Art Center.


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Art Work Balance workshop is a one-of-a-kind professional/personal development experience. It is a lively and stimulating session through the lens of the artist, based around her artworks, which prompt and provoke new thoughts and fresh ideas outside the normal daily routines. Creative impulses gained in the workshop can be directly applied to working situations bringing benefits to the individual and the organization.




Residential and Corporate Art Consulting Services

Residential and Corporate Art Consulting Services

33 Contemporary Gallery offers comprehensive fine arts consultation services. As a one-stop experience, we provide our clients with art acquisitions, commissions, framing, curatorial services, installation, appraisals, and corporate art programs. We have a diverse selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, mixed media, prints and more. Our goal is to assist our clients connect with the perfect artwork that will satisfy their exquisite taste and create opportunities for open-ended conversations. We specialize in corporate and residential art consultation.

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