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September 19 to October 11, 2014

Third Friday Reception: Friday, September 19 from 7 to 10 pm

After a successful exhibition at Gallery 13 in Minneapolis, MN, GOMEZ/GONZALEZ comes to 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago starting the weekend of ExpoChicago and running as part of Chicago Artists Month. The exhibition highlights a six month collaboration between Chicago based artists Sergio Gomez and Mario Gonzalez Jr. Both artists painted simultaneously a 72" x 168" painting using their individual styles. The result was an elaborate mixture of Gomez' abstract figuration interlaced with Gonzalez' stylized letter forms and symbols titled "Gomez/Gonzalez." The expressive qualities and systematic application of forms combined with the energy of spontaneous painting performance make this 4-panel work a center piece for the exhibition. Three additional 48" x 50" collaborations pieces are part of the exhibition as well as individual works from each artist.

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Art Work Balance workshop is a one-of-a-kind professional/personal development experience. It is a lively and stimulating session through the lens of the artist, based around her artworks, which prompt and provoke new thoughts and fresh ideas outside the normal daily routines. Creative impulses gained in the workshop can be directly applied to working situations bringing benefits to the individual and the organization.




Residential and Corporate Art Consulting Services

Residential and Corporate Art Consulting Services

33 Contemporary Gallery offers comprehensive fine arts consultation services. As a one-stop experience, we provide our clients with art acquisitions, commissions, framing, curatorial services, installation, appraisals, and corporate art programs. We have a diverse selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, mixed media, prints and more. Our goal is to assist our clients connect with the perfect artwork that will satisfy their exquisite taste and create opportunities for open-ended conversations. We specialize in corporate and residential art consultation.

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