Studio Conversations
Carol Weber, Mary Bookwalter and Janice Meister

March 16 to April 30, 2015

Please join 33 Contemporary Gallery for the second iteration of Studio Conversations: When Boundaries Fade. This three-person exhibition explores the long term collaboration these artists have been sharing in recent years. Their ongoing art conversations embodies the idea of community and commonality in the creative process while remaining individually true to their personal sensibilities.



Residential and Corporate Art Consulting Services

Residential and Corporate Art Consulting Services

33 Contemporary Gallery offers comprehensive fine arts consultation services. As a one-stop experience, we provide our clients with art acquisitions, commissions, framing, curatorial services, installation, appraisals, and corporate art programs. We have a diverse selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, mixed media, prints and more. Our goal is to assist our clients connect with the perfect artwork that will satisfy their exquisite taste and create opportunities for open-ended conversations. We specialize in corporate and residential art consultation.

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